Seri Renkin

Managing Director,
ten20 Foundation

Seri Renkin is the Managing Director of the ten20 Foundation.  She joined ten20 as founding CEO in 2012, bringing over twenty-five years’ experience in senior executive and advisory roles to her leadership of the ten20 Foundation. Having worked across the corporate, non-profit, philanthropic and government sectors she has a unique perspective of how diverse sectors operate and utilises her strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial skills to build cross sector collaborations to ensure Australian communities are resourced to respond and work differently, so all children learn and thrive.

Convinced that positive outcomes for children depend on the day-to-day actions of individuals and organizations supporting families and other neighborhood residents within their specific geographic context, the Foundation has focused on undergirding a larger movement towards community-led, initiatives. Ten20 Foundation is backing place-based early childhood initiatives as the most promising and effective investment to address the complex issues that lead to intergenerational disadvantage.

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