Mick Keelty

Mick Keelty joined the ACT police in Canberra (later to become the Australian Federal Police) in 1974.  Mick rose through the ranks and was appointed Commissioner in 2000 – making him the first AFP member to do so.

Mick was  the inaugural Chairperson of the Australian Crime Commission (now the Australian Crime & Intelligence Commission) and Chair of the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering - a regional organisation of the Financial Action Task Force based in France and an initiative of the G7.

During his time as Commissioner, Mick oversaw the police responses to the Bali bombings, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and other regional events.  He was awarded the Order of Australia for his work in securing regional co-operation in law enforcement.

Since leaving the AFP in 2009 Mick has conducted several high profile reviews leading to machinery of government changes including the 2012/13 bushfires in Perth as well as the Margaret River bushfires; conducted a major review of the Queensland Police and Emergency Services portfolios and conducted the inquiry into the 2013 Senate election in WA.  In 2013/14 Mick served as a part time commissioner of the Queensland Crime & Corruption Commission in the transition period from the former CMC.

More recently, Mick was responsible for a 2017 review of Security in the Australian Defence Force following the terrorist attacks in the UK, France and Spain during 2016.  In March 2018 Mick completed a review for the NSW government into the response by agencies to recent NSW bushfires.  Mick Chaired and later served on an Expert Advisory Panel to the Prime Minister from March 2017 to June 2018.

Mick has had extensive experience in the private sector having been contracted by Westfield and the Lowy Family Group ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.  Following the sale of Westfield Global to Unibail-Rodamco and the demerger with Scentre Group in May 2018 Mick is retained as an advisor to the Lowy family.

Mick is also a Director on the Board of 2nd Shot, a not for profit enterprise seeking to reduce homelessness and help unemployed youth in Brisbane.

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