Kate Simpson

Collaboration for Impact

Kate Simpson has spent the last 20 years working with individuals, groups and organisations to make the change they want, in complex settings. As a leader and facilitator, she is a specialist in brokering multi stakeholder collaborations, working with groups looking at how to effect change across whole systems and assist individual organisations to manage change to more effectively to meet their highest ambitions.  

Her experience includes working with global partners on World Trade negotiations, with communities and advocates tackling HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, with the UN and donor governments and International NGOs in the interests of disaster effected communities in Asia, Closing the Gap here in Australia and leading organisational change with two large not for profits. Recently she has lead a social change start up working with South Australian leaders to establish child focused collective impact initiatives across five regions. These leaders came from local communities, politics, public sector, philanthropy, services and business. She has provided specialist coaching, training and facilitation for and with local leaders towards building diverse, inspired and effective leadership teams; ensuring community members are leading the work; brokering multi stakeholder commitments to change plans; advising around data use and indicator setting and political and policy influencing. 

She is deeply committed to ensuring citizen participation and has been a member of the South Australian Community Engagement Board advising the Premier. Most importantly, she brings a deep commitment to genuine partnership and exchange with the people she works alongside.

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