Fiona McKenzie

Knowledge and Communications Manager,
Collaboration for Impact

Dr Fiona McKenzie is a human geographer with a PhD on innovation and expertise in both public policy and academic research. Fiona recently joined the Collaboration for Impact (CFI) team as their Knowledge and Communications Manager. She is also the Founder of Orange Compass, a consultancy dedicated to supporting change makers on their journey to transform systems and build better futures. Prior to this, Fiona was the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for the Australian Futures Project, where she led the design and implementation of a range of unique programs including ‘social innovation labs’ on early childhood development and agriculture.

Fiona is respected for her ability to rapidly synthesise complex topics for decision makers and strategically co-design systems change processes with stakeholders. She has more than 15 years of experience working with a range of academic, corporate, government, non-government, and intergovernmental organisations. This includes organisations such as the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Dusseldorp Forum, National Australia Bank, NSW icare, Terrestrial Carbon Group, United Nations Environment Programme and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation. Fiona has published on a wide range of topics and is a sought after speaker for her insights into today’s wicked challenges as well as trends shaping the future.

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