Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine

Health Justice Australia

Health Justice Partnerships (HJP) are an exciting new model of providing access to justice, where lawyers and health professionals collaborate to provide better health outcomes and access to justice for patients with legal needs. Tessa was appointed in 2016 to set up a new national centre which will be an advocate for partnerships to achieve health and justice outcomes: highlighting best practice; supporting existing and new HJP; and advocating for systemic changes to more effectively meet people’s health and legal needs. Tessa has worked in health, criminal justice and human rights organisations in Australia and internationally. She was previously Deputy CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service and received the inaugural Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Nonprofit Leadership. She undertook her PhD at the London School of Economics and her thesis was published as a book, ‘Protecting the Public? Detention and Release of Mentally Disordered Offenders’ by Routledge in 2010. She is on the Board of Gondwana Choirs, the leader in Australian choral performance; and is a member of the Executive of the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance.

See Tessa’s chapter on cross-sector collaboration by non-profit organisations in ‘The Three Sector Solution: Delivering public policy in collaboration with not-for-profits and business’ published by ANU Press, 2016.

Read Tessa’s Fulbright Report, ‘Lead or be Left Behind: Sustaining Trust and Confidence in Australia’s Charities’, published by the Origin Foundation, 2016.


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