We hope you enjoy taking a peek at what’s in store throughout ChangeFest. As you’ll see, there’s more to be added as time goes on so be sure to keep checking back!  

Please note that the heart of ChangeFest - and what the significant majority of delegates will attend - are the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is what FULL REGISTRATION covers along with all social events on those days. Full registration also covers Monday afternoon’s Jargon Busting Workshop for those who can attend. You don't need a whole week - three days is all you need to be part of lasting social change!

The countdown to ChangeFest is on! 

ChangeFest 2018

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Monday 19 Nov, 2018
Welcome Morning Tea

It's the start of what will be an unforgettable week! Take some time to mingle and mix with the like-minded and passionate people you'll be spending the day with!

OC ConnectBreakout Room 1

This year’s OC Connect Building Sustainability will be an interactive day where Opportunity Child and its partners work together on wicked problems in early childhood disadvantage.

The event will focus on five key areas of sustainability; capital, results and measurement, policy & decision makers, engagement & effort and leadership. Participants will be assisted by renowned content experts such as Dr Michael McAfee, President and CEO of PolicyLink.

This is a closed, invitation only event. Please contact Joyce Teo at for more information.

ChangeFest Unboxed

The program for our Community Members Forum is being finalised. This will be an amazing opportunity for citizens across communities which are looking at place-based change to come together and learn from those who are also on this journey.

Afternoon Tea
ChangeFest Jargon Busting Foundation SessionMain Auditorium

The work we do can sometimes tangle us up in a web of words, jargon and acronyms. This workshop does just what it says on the tin: busts the jargon and sets us up for the rest of the event to be as clear as possible. This workshop focuses on definitions, and on using and understanding the language around place-based collective impact.

6:00PM to 8:00PM
Welcome Drinks and Canapes at Logan Art Gallery
Tuesday 20 Nov, 2018
Registrations OpenMain Auditorium
Welcome to Country
Welcome to ChangeFest: Conference Anthem
Opening and Welcome to ChangeFest Main Auditorium
Opening Keynote PresentationMain Auditorium

Achieving Big Change
If anyone can inspire us to achieve big change it's Michael McAfee. As CEO of the US-based PolicyLink, a national research and action institute focused on advancing racial and economic equity, he has spent years working to create long-term positive change in communities. He speaks around the world, and never fails to make an impact. Not to be missed!

Speaker:Dr Michael McAfee

Q&A with Michael McAfeeMain Auditorium

Facilitated by Kerry Graham (Collaboration for Impact)

Following Michael's presentation you're guaranteed to have some burning questions for him (he's that sort of guy). This is your chance to get them answered!

Speaker:Dr Michael McAfee

Morning Tea
Nine Community Snapshots from Across AustraliaMain Auditorium

Click here to discover the nine Australian communities we'll be shining the spotlight on at ChangeFest. They are as diverse as they come, with one thing in common: a drive for change.

Centerpiece Panel

Harnessing the Power of Place for Social Change
This is a great opportunity to hear from thought leaders and our leaders in government in an impassioned discussion about the challenges, triumphs, opportunities and the hard work on display in communities throughout Australia and the world.

Stay tuned for the announcement of a high-profile government leader who will be joining this panel!

Dr Michael McAfee, Liz Weaver, Matthew Cox, Dr Dianne Jackson

Introduction to Breakout SessionsMain Auditorium
Indigenous Advancement

How Indigenous leaders and communities are approaching systems change work in communities around Australia.
More speakers to be announced shortly!

Alistair Ferguson

Unpacking Systems Change in Action

A deep dive exploration of two community initiatives driving systems change: the bumps in the road, and the wins on the way.

Jane McCracken, Sarah Hopkins

Government Plumbing: making the change in government

How is a new way of doing things rolled out in a system unfamiliar with flexible, fit-for-purpose solutions?
Come and hear from those that have 'been there, done that' as well as those who are doing it now. This is your chance to get the inside skinny on what happens inside the system.

Mick Keelty, Dr Roslyn Baxter, Belinda Drew

Developing Your Place-Based Participatory Action Research Capability

Action learning and engaging skills to include all stakeholders in data collection/collation/analysis in support of impactful place-based change.

Brain Development in Early Childhood

From conception to 3 years of age is, from a neurological perspective, the most important time in your life for influencing your life span. Participants will explore how this works and what it means for how we interact, nuture and educate our youngest citizens.

Nathan Wallis

The Place Agenda in Queensland

Spotlight on how place-based work is rolling out in one State jurisdiction. Hear about the vision, the challenges and successes of scaling at a State level from key Queensland leaders.

Mark Henley

The Money Session!

This session will explore how philanthropy, government and local communities can invest collaboratively to get lift off. How do we build an investment framework for the long term and for Australia-wide scale?

David Osborn

Role of the Backbone in Systems Change

The most successful system change initiatives are supported by a high performing backbone. What are they? How do you get one? And how do you know if yours is any good?

Liz Weaver, Kiran King

Unpacking System Change in Action

A deep dive into what goes on, on the ground.

Afternoon Tea
Panel Session - what it takes to drive systems change

Get comfortable prepare to get involved. In this session one of the greatest thought-leaders shares the stage with a driver of change and they explore the space we're working in. The audience will also have a chance, with input and questions encouraged!


A chance to take stock of what's just happened and what it means for you....there will be a lot to digest and apply!

ChangeFest Anthem
5:30PM to 8:00PM
Festival of Food and Music - Logan Entertainment Centre Forecourt

Don't miss the chance to connect with your fellow ChangeFest 'optimist's. We'll supply the food and music so all you have to do to is enjoy yourself!

Wednesday 21 Nov, 2018
Registrations OpenMain Auditorium
Welcome to ChangeFest
What Would the Opposition Do?

Let's make the most of our political reality and find out what the Labor party's commitment to social change and equity looks like. Join us and hear it here first from the three frontbenchers who could be making the decisions!

Tanya Plibersek, Linda Burney, Jim Chalmers

Keynote Snapshot: Liz WeaverMain Auditorium

The Missing Link - community leadership and how to bottle it!
In a snappy 15-minutes, Liz Weaver, Co-CEO of the Canadian Tamarack Institute, will excite you with her passion, insight and expertise on systems change.

Speaker:Liz Weaver

Live Coaching Session: Liz Weaver and FriendsMain Auditorium

Let's see how change can be amplified with this two-way conversation between a leader of change and some citizens who are on the ground making the change.

ChangeFest keynote Liz Weaver will spend time with two on-the-ground 'optimists', nutting out the opportunities, the pain points, and the way forward. This will be an intense and incredibly useful conversation for all change-agents to hear.

Morning Tea
Panel: Obstacles, Lessons and HopeMain Auditorium

Hard Lessons: war stories and optimism from changemakers. Learn from the journey of others!

Working with Data to get a Complete Picture in Place

How to access, analyse and use big data as a key input to driving system change and better outcomes for people and places.

Ingrid Burkett

Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Governance

How to build the conditions of governance to enable and create capacity and impact, learning this together and applying systems change techniques to shift the trajectory towards intergenerational impact.

Liz Weaver

How to Get Started

If you are right at the beginning of place-based and system change work, this session will show you how to get from idea to action.

Communities in Charge: How and When Government Should Devolve More Power to Communities

Revolutionary ratbags, idealists and frustrated public policy wonks debate how to put power in the hands of the people. Why would you do it? How would you do it and can it actually be done?

If you're a bit of a rebel who believes we need to work with creativity and passion to make change happen, then come to this session!

Dr Michael McAfee, Alistair Ferguson, Matthew Cox, Teya Dusseldorp, Eula Rohan

Publishing Your Place-Based Research

This session will provide guidance to those interested developing their paper, abstract, or short paper for submission to the special issue of the JOSI. For those that this applies to, it's an important session!

Afternoon Tea
How Can Citizens Play a Role in all Parts of the Change Process?

Come to this session if you're interested in the frameworks and tools that will enable citizens to lead, participate and contribute to community change - big and small!

How to Build a Common Agenda with Community Members and Diverse Stakeholders

How do you weave data and stories into a learning process to produce a transformational agenda for change? This hands-on session will give you a highly-useable process and unpack two case studies operating in very different contexts.

How Do We Know if it's Working?

We all think it's vital - but how do you measure and evaluate place based work and systems change?

Jess Dart

Radical Ideas

This one is going to be fun! In this session some of Australia's smartest people will lob in radical and new ideas for change. Prepare to have your mind bent!

Matthew Cox, Sharon Goldfeld, Matthew Byrne

Building the Future Place-Based Research Agenda

At this session we'll provide the opportunity to collaboratively construct a research agenda that identifies the key national priorities for future place-based research.

4:40PM to 5:15PM
#Changefest18 #Policyfest19

Main message from the main stage. Moira and Kate will get under the covers of mobilising ChangeFest citizens and next steps with policy makers. This will be an emotion filled, transformational call to action where everyone can contribute.

Thursday 22 Nov, 2018
Registrations Open
Conference Marketplace

Do you have a strategy, process or tool that has driven significant progress in your place or change agenda? Yes? We'd love for you to share it in the Conference Marketplace! This session will allow conference delegates to share 15 minute practice 'snapshots' on what has worked for them. As a participant, you'll get to hear four inspirational snapshots from a huge menu of options.

Lost Conversations

This powerful session will explore how the dynamics of collaboration play out when Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people come together to lead. Liz and Grant will share their own experiences in working with cross curltural collaborations around Australia. Not to be missed.

Coaching Clinic

Three lucky initiatives get the chance to engage in a 20 minute coaching session with international thought and practice leader, Liz Weaver. But here's the catch, there will be an audience! These live coaching sessions will help you make significant progress while those listening will learn from 'live' experiences and Liz's advice.

Liz Weaver

ChangeFest Social Policy Roundtable

By invitation only.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Here we'll look at how place based initiatives can scale up and replicate out. More details to come.

Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine

People and How They Grow - why lifecourse thinking is important

It's a simple, yet powerful idea - structure long term change plans around the early human lifecourse. But how does taking a lifecourse approach to systems change work? Why is it important? Who is doing it best?

ChangeFest Social Policy Roundtable Continued

By invitation only.

Systems Leadership Bootcamp

Tools, tips and working with 'live' challenges in leading collaborative system change work. Learn three approaches and tools for systems mapping so you can set system change strategies

Spotlight on Logan Together

As the host city for ChangeFest, come and find out about the Logan Together project and how a passionate community and committed partners have galvanised a focus on local kids and families into a city-wide movement.

Morning Tea
ChangeFest Policy Roundtable Outcomes
Panel: Politics, Policy and Systems Change

The way forward: A public and passionate discussion between those who've started the climb.

Capstone Event

More information to come.

2:30PM to 3:00PM
Event Close

The final wrap up and goodbye. More details will come, but you'll be sure to be floating when you leave the venue.

Friday 23 Nov, 2018
9:00AM to 3:00PM
Fee-paying Masterclasses

Details to be confirmed

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