Expressions of Interest to Host ChangeFest 2019

March 14, 2019




Could you be the host?  Could your place be the destination?

The ChangeFest19 partners are calling for expressions of interest to be submitted by March 28th 2019.

This is not a tender process. The partners will receive expressions of interest and make a decision based on the level of interest, capability and connections to host as well as the accessibility and capacity of the location.

Please submit no more than 4 pages to tell your story about how you would host the event and what challenges you expect to face, what supports you would need and why ChangeFest19 should be held at your place.

1. What does it mean to be the local host?

Hosting means your community will make welcome leaders from communities around Australia … and beyond.  In the true sense of hosting your community would take care of visitors - formally welcome them, offer them local accommodation and local food, and invite them to experience the ways your community comes together and how your community leads change.  ChangeFest will bring several hundred thousand dollars into your local economy.

Hosting provides you with the opportunity to strengthen or build new partnerships locally and to showcase the work in your local community to a national and international audience.

We know being a host can put a lot of pressure on a local team and location.There is an inescapable sense that the success or otherwise of the event will be linked with you and your community.  It is usual to feel torn between your welcoming role for visiting delegates and paying attention to your local relationships. Having a backbone team that is up for the challenge and able to capture the learning along the way is essential.

It is also a chance to showcase projects, people, relationships, networks, rising stars, research, artists, food, beauty in your location. The event can be a catalyst for relationship building and put a strain on already troubled relationships. Being a host means being able to ride with the ups and downs and dynamics that will inevitably come.

You are not responsible for the success of the event, nor responsible for the financial management.

You will contribute to the theme and programming of the event by being a member of the event team.  

Your local connections to the local First Nations groups, backbone leaders, local funders and business, and other key stakeholders, including venue(s), accomodation, travel, vendors and suppliers will be appreciated. Your advice and support for sponsorship opportunities will be valued and included in decision making by the Festival Director and the Convening Committee.

Your ability to rustle up local volunteers to support with the event will be highly valued and publicly recognised.

2. How would ChangeFest19 Convening Committee help and support?

The ChangeFest convening committee will provide governance and financial management, be accountable for sponsorship revenue and oversee design. 

Most coordination and project management will be undertaken by the ChangeFest Festival Director (a new position this year). But there are many tasks that only local knowledge can assist with, so it’s important to be realistic about that.

Most event management will be undertaken by the contracted event management company. Through the provision of a Festival Director and supporting communications team, plus a Professional Conference Organiser, the themes, program development, and conference organisation will be for the most part taken care of.  A lot of the experience from 2018 will assist in this process and these lessons will be shared.

3.   What will be on the Host Checklist for ChangeFest19?

Together with the Festival Director and the Convening Committee a checklist will be developed with the local host and will include at least:

☑ Join the ChangeFest convening committee

☑ Lead those parts of the program that relate to hosting and showcasing local talent

☑ Connect and broker the Convening Committee to local suppliers of venues, welcome to country, cultural celebrations, accommodation, food, transport, entertainment and volunteers - with a preference for social procurement. 

☑ Connect and broker the Convening Committee to potential local sponsors

☑ Promote ChangeFest2019 locally

☑ Identify and support festival volunteers

☑ Engage local stakeholders, including local leaders and politicians.

4.. What is the selection criteria?

The Convening Committee will be reviewing your 2 page EOI with the following lens set:


  • Organisational capacity, resources and links to undertake the role and responsibilities of host
  • Ability to marshall and support local partners and volunteers to assist with the event.
  • Cultural proficiency and capacity to engage with local First Nations community and other significant communities to co-design and co-host as required
  • Links with business, industry, academia (eg including capacity to engage student population)
  •  Ability to work with national partners including any pre-existing relationships with founding partners
  • Capacity to join organising partner coordinating group
  • Ability to take direction from Festival Director


  • Venue(s) to host 500 people including range of spaces for keynote, plenary, technical sessions, welcome reception, exhibition, registration, and operations
  • Accommodation locations to host up to 300 people, including competitive rates, variety of options and accessibility
  • Impact for local community by being host
  • Capacity to engage collective impact initiatives locally
  • Relationships with local Indigenous leaders, communities, research and education providers and businesses
  • Ability to socially procure some elements (eg catering, equipment hire)
  • Travel Access (by air, land and or sea)

EOI due in by March 28th 2019.

Please send to

The decision will be made by the founding members of ChangeFest - Logan Together, Griffith University, Opportunity Child and Collaboration for Impact.  All those who have expressed an interest in hosting will be informed by April 4th 2019. 

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