About Us

Like you, we are a collaboration and we’re walking the talk. We believe diversity is a key driver of change.  In living this principle, we bring a range of standpoints: academic, service delivery, capacity building, backbone support, policy change and more. The organisations behind ChangeFest are :

We have banded together to host this national celebration of collaborative community change. Our goal? Empowering more people to deliver large scale social change – and have some fun doing so!

Our invitation to you?  Join us in November, in Logan and take part in the celebration with communities, decision makers, philanthropists, organisations and others who are taking up leadership roles in place based collective impact.  Get active in this space and create a better future for everyone.

Questions? Shoot them our way!  Your questions are likely to be questions that others have, so please ask them by emailing us at optimists@ChangeFest.com.au

Why wait….reserve your place and register now.


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